Reinventing Gameday

Advanced roofing membrane made by the Cooley Group covers the U.S. Bank Stadium, keeping players and fans out of the icy wind and snow, so they can focus on the action.

Reinventing Safety

Innovative fire-retardant gear, made with components manufactured by American Cord and WebbingPropel LLC and Neocorp, withstands high heat environments, keeping firefighters safer when in direct contact with flames.

Turbine repair technicians and others who work at great heights depend on safety harnesses manufactured using materials and parts from Murdock Webbing.

A search and rescue dog’s ability to withstand the elements can turn a potential tragedy into a celebration. And staying dry on a stormy day ensures a service or guide dog and its partner are welcome anywhere they go. Dogwarm makes coats that keep dogs protected and visible in brutal conditions.

Reinventing Protection

Propel LLC’s advanced hook-and-loop fastener is noticeably less noisy than commercial brands and helps America’s Special Operations force remain undetected in harsh and dangerous conditions.

Kenyon Industries ensures soldiers are protected from the elements and the enemy with a line of extended cold weather jackets and pants, flame resistant tents, and specialized combat gear.

Special Forces remain undetected thanks to a raiding craft built from the Cooley Group’s high tech engineered membranes.

Military pilots depend on products made by Murdock Webbing to “catch them” when they land in emergency situations, while parachutists trust Hope Global and Concordia Manufacturing paracord and Murdock Webbing parachutes with their life.

Navatek developed a high tech material the military is using for inflatable gear and structures.

The US Army relies on the protection provided by composite armor produced from T.E.A.M. Inc’s 3D woven fabrics and billets.

The Amerisewn team designs and manufactures personal protective equipment such as riot suits and combat training gear by combining textiles, foams and plastics in unique ways to minimize risk of injury.

Reinventing Hope

A blanket is a gift of comfort and warmth when wars, natural disasters, or life circumstances disrupt lives. For nearly 80 years, the Brickle Group’s Northwest Woolen Mills has provided blankets whenever disaster strikes.

Northeast Knitting provides fabrics used in neonatal monitors that help babies born early survive and thrive.

Reinventing Recovery

Patients want to heal and get home, yet 9 percent will get a hospital-associated infection that delays recovery and risks their health. Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics Dartex Coatings designs and manufacturers easy-to-clean coated fabrics to help keep patients comfortable while reducing the risk of a hospital-associated infections.

Darlington Fabrics helps patients who recently had lymphedema surgery avoid post-surgical infections with a product that promotes proper blood flow around the incision.

National Velour medical solutions absorb moisture and inhibit bacterial growth when a patient must wear a device during long periods of medical treatment.

Textile-driven solutions designed and engineered at Confluent Medical advance the comfort and safety of medical implants and surgical devices, keeping people vibrant and active.

University of Rhode Island faculty created materials that prevent common setbacks like blood clot formation and infection in those undergoing vascular surgeries and are transforming how medical data is collected from patients with smart textiles and wearable body sensors.

Reinventing Energy

Green Roofs provide space for plants and habitat for wildlife in high-density urban areas. The Brickle Group’s Bouckaert Textiles’ agricultural felt, made from 100 percent recycled fibers, creates thriving green space by distributing and storing water in the plants’ root zone.

A team of Brown and RISD students and faculty with expertise in architecture, engineering, design, and textiles designed and built TechStyle House, a solar-powered house with a textile enclosure for the Solar Decathlon Europe competition. The house is used as guest accommodations and meeting space at Domaine de Boisbuchet, an estate in Lessac, France.

Cooley Group creates highly specialized fabrics that store and protect water and fuel in remote areas.

Reinventing Home Sweet Home

Anti-microbial fabric by CleanBrands helps keep sleeping surfaces free of dust mites, bedbugs, and other mattress contaminants.

Darlington Fabrics makes it easy for babies to enjoy nurturing, napping, and nursing.

Colonial Mills is creating the next generation of braided home fashions.

Pease Awnings expand outdoor space with custom awnings and shades.

Hand printed artisan fabrics from Griswold Textiles, draperies and bedding from Marion Drapery Workroom or Artee Fabrics, and bespoke artwork from Ilorom create luxurious décor for homes and venues world-wide.

RISD and Cornell faculty formed Computational Textiles, a small company that creates visualization and manufacturing software. They’ve created Weft, an online digital loom that enables anyone to transform design ideas into intricately patterned cloth they can order online to have milled in the U.S. and delivered to their doorstep.

Reinventing Touchdowns

Whether the goal is a touchdown or a downward dog, athletes want fabric that looks great while it sheds sweat and dirt. George C. Moore and Darlington Fabrics give athletes a competitive edge and lets them perform at their peak.

Fans get their game on with lanyards, key fobs and shoelaces from Trans-Tex, LLC, and teams at schools and leagues can customize their uniforms and fan apparel through the Squad Locker online portal.

Reinventing Adventure

Parachutists trust Hope Global paracord with their life.

Hood racing sails have been winning regattas and races, including the America’s Cup, since the 1950’s and North Sails is the sail of choice of every Volvo Ocean Race finisher since 2010.

Kenyon Industries is recognized as the finest sail cloth finisher in the world, processing main sail, spinnaker and insignia fabrics.

Reinventing Exploration

T.E.A.M Inc. produces 3D woven fabrics and billets that become inflatable structures on the international space station.

Darlington Fabrics makes undergarments for NASA space suits.

At the University of Rhode Island, textile research investigates the design, cultural needs, and constraints of clothing for long-duration space travel.

Reinventing Honor

The ceremonial beret worn by members of the U.S. Army are made by Northwest Woolen Group.

Reinventing Public Spaces

Pneuhaus is reinventing public spaces with creative art and large scale immersive design.

Reinventing The Slam

Ashaway Racket string is used by many of the world’s leading tennis, squash, racquetball and badminton players.

Reinventing Rush Hour

Hope Global, Leedon Webbing, Concordia Manufacturing and Bruin Plastics make the ride safer and more comfortable with heated seats, sunroof shades, map pockets, air bags and other components that are found in most cars manufactured in North America.

Reinventing Speed

Global sports and activewear brands rely on Darlington Fabrics compression fabrics and durable finishes to help athletes perform at their peak.

Air Force tactical aircraft that fly at nearly 1500 mph include components made from fibers engineered at Concordia Manufacturing, LLC.

Reinventing Apparel

Faculty and students at RISD are meeting the highest standards of the fashion industry with the clothing they design and make.